Makes Scents – The Top Five Best Smelling Candle Fragrances For Your Home

Your home is your haven from the stresses and strains of modern living. We spend most of our time in a modern society that is increasingly pressured. If it is not time that weighs on our minds then it is finances or relationship issues. But once we are home we can cast off our worries and simply relax – and one of the best ways to maximize that relaxation time is through the use of scent.

For thousands of years it has been known that fragrances can calm and center people – and that belief has now seeped into the mainstream consciousness – and it is increasingly being backed by research.

Delivering specific scents in the home can be accomplished in a variety of ways, however one of the most popular is through the use of scented candles. There are an enormous variety of scented candles on the market today – however many people are turning towards the simpler scents and candles that are natural rather than being infused with man made chemicals. Besides which, scented candles also look incredible and can set the mood for relaxation not only through the scents themselves but also through sheer visual appeal and the soft, calming illumination they supply.

If you would like to explore how scented candles can aid be used in your home here are five of the most popular scents.

1. Lavender.

Lavender has remained one of the most popular scents for centuries. It is widely recognized for its ability to calm and sooth even the most stressed of minds. It has been shown to reduce anxiety by lowering blood pressure and decreasing the heart rate and there is some evidence that it can help reduce pain – such as post operative pain. The ideal way to use a Lavender scented candle is to light one on your bedside table as you prepare for a good night’s sleep.

2. Cinnamon.

The warmth and sweetness of Cinnamon acts to stimulate both emotions and a sense of physical well being. It can help focus the mind and improve recall. For many people the smell of Cinnamon has a physical effect in that it can reduce the sensations associated with joint pain and muscle tension. It has also been shown to reduce inflammation, especially that associated with a sore throat when a cold strikes. As a bonus it has been shown that mosquitoes hate the smell of Cinnamon. A great choice for home use.

3. Rose.

If their is one go to scent to promote a happy home then it must be rose. It is no coincidence that the scent of roses has been associated with romance and feelings of joy for many generations. The scent of Rose promotes feelings of happiness and can have an extremely soothing effect, helping those with depression and anxiety cope with the stresses of everyday life. It can also help those who suffer from headaches. Needless to say it has also been associated with promoting sexual desire. This is a scent that works well with other scents – it tends to compliment them and increase their effects. Whether you use in in the bedroom or a living area it is a great choice when you choose a scented candle.

4. Citrus.

Whether it is lemon, orange, grapefruit or lime Citrus is one of the cleanest and most refreshing fragrances that can be delivered by a scented candle. It ups energy levels and promotes a feeling of contentment and happiness, as well as upping energy levels. Many of the Citrus scents have the effect of negating negative emotional states, in fact it has been sued to help those who suffer from depression. One of the ways to use it is to light a Citrus candle in your hallway or house entrance. It negates unpleasant outdoor smells and immediately lifts the spirits of anyone who walks through the door.

5. Peppermint.

The cooling effect of Peppermint immediately soothes away aches and pains and reduces tension. It’s great for reviving a tired mind and restoring focus. It is also reputed to reduce food cravings – so perhaps a candle in the kitchen may not be a bad idea. It can also reduce feelings of nausea.

Purchasing scented candles is a great way of turning a house into a home with its own unique character. Choose a selection and take the first step towards exploring the power of scent.

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