About Us

Welcome to Heritage Candle and Home!

We are a team of experienced interior decorators who love keeping updated with what’s happening in the world of home décor.

The magazine was founded by a qualified and experienced interior decorator, Dean Robey. His passion and love for creating ambient living spaces come from a very young age. Dean joined an interior design firm after he completed his qualifications, where he contributed to the immaculate interior of several high-end hotels and mansions.

Dean is joined by a team of designers, developers and talented writers who share his passion. The magazine was founded when Dean realised, he could help others turn their houses into homes with his expert interior decorating tips and advice.

Since then the magazine has gone from strength to strength. Here’s an overview of things we tackle in our magazine.

Interior Decorating

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From tips to news and trends, we’ll keep you posted on everything related to interior decorating.


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Stay updated with the latest trends in the world of home décor and candles when you subscribe to our magazine.

Buyer’s Guides

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We provide expert buyer’s guides on how to purchase the best décor items and furniture for your home.

Remember to subscribe to our magazine to stay updated with all you need to know about interior design and decorating. You can also contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to provide some feedback.