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Welcome to Heritage Candle and Home’s official top resources page. Here you will get access to some of the hottest home décor and design blogs and magazines out there. As we follow several resources, we always encourage our readers to expand their pool of resources.

In doing so, you can be sure that you never miss out on the latest news and trends int the wonderful world of interior décor and design!

Home Made Lovely

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First up we have a blog that features great content and tutorials on how to decorate your home. You can also find great recipes, DIY and crafting tips and ideas, and loads of inspiration and tips on how to decorate your home like a professional interior designer.

Vancouver Magazine

Featured PostImages Top Resources Vancouver Magazine - Top Resources

While the magazine covers other topics, you can find some great content on interior decorating and design here. The lifestyle magazine is well-known, and you can expect nothing but high-quality content including tips and advice on decorating home interiors.

Jane Lockhart

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Jane Lockhart is a successful professional interior designer. She’s accomplished quite a lot and has offered her expert design services to high-end clients, corporate and residential. Her blog features great home design tips and advice and is a must to keep an eye on.


Featured PostImages Top Resources Lushome - Top Resources

On Lushome you can expect to find some interesting content and creative solutions for all your interior design and décor problems. The blog also shares news on innovative technology and green living while incorporating décor and design in their content.


Featured PostImages Top Resources Zolo - Top Resources

For a complete experience, Zolo offers readers great content on home maintenance, improvement, décor and design and so much more. Aspects such as choosing the right colour paint and living green are covered here. A must for any homeowner!

Nordic Design

Featured PostImages Top Resources Nordic Design - Top Resources

As the name suggests, this award-winning blog is dedicated to Scandinavian design. Here you can find design and décor inspiration, information on the latest home products, look books of beautifully designed and decorated homes and so much more.

Be sure to check in on our top resources page frequently as we constantly update and change it. You can also contact us if there is a blog you wish to be included in our list.

While we hope you stick around with Heritage Candle and Home, it won’t hurt having a look at some other great resources for décor and design inspiration!